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The Karndean Effect: Four Vinyl Floor Collections To Keep An Eye On

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Jumping right into it, not all flooring is created equally. Apologies for the brash statement, but it had to be said. With that, may we introduce to you Karndean vinyl; a choice in flooring that overcomes all your preconceived notions about vinyl flooring.

A company that prides themselves on offering beautifully realistic vinyl recreations, Karndean vinyl flooring creates stylish collections that are environmentally friendly. With the environment in mind, Karndean keeps packaging to a minimum, ensures that waste is reduced, reused, recycled or disposed of in a safe manner and only teams up with suppliers and manufactures that share the same commitment to the environment. Without jeopardizing the future of our planet, Karndean has done all the above while remaining a fashion forward supplier in vinyl flooring. Additionally, the multilayer construction method of vinyl is essential for standing up against any heavy traffic.

Karndean Van Gogh PlankRecently capturing our attention is Karndean’s wood flooring recreations. A sustainable alternative to natural wood flooring, these floors don’t run the risk of possible cracking or splinting like its natural influencer. With the unbelievable look of wood flooring, these vinyl alternatives are also suitable for the busy traffic of commercial spaces.

In the bold plank size of 6×36 and 7×48, the Art Select Plank collection offers a range of realistic wood tones, textures and grains. Its 30 mil wear layer makes it suitable for adding style and flair to anyKarndean Art Select Plank commercial space with durable wear and tear. The DaVinci Plank collection offers a classic appeal with a sleek finish. In a slender plank size of 3×36, this 16 shade collection offers an option suitable for any traditional décor. Offering a luxurious aesthetic in wood flooring, the recreation vinyl Knight Plank collection offers a 12 mil wear layer with ranging shades of mid-browns. This 4×36 plank size collection offers a slight aged looks equipped with detail rich knots and grains. Recently updated, the Van Gogh Plank collection features traditional wood tones and contemporary distressed effects in a 7×48 plank size. Each of these collections offer complimentary design strips and boarders for that added unique touch to your space.

Karndea Da Vinci Plank Vinyl FlooringLet’s face it; every space needs stylish flooring whether it be residential or commercial. Suitable for applications ranging from schools to offices and healthcare buildings, these nature inspired collections are a practical solution to flooring combined with major style. With low maintenance, these vinyl floors are cost effective requiring little special care instructions while ensuring a stunning floor for years to come. Additionally, Karndean’s non-porous, low VOC emitting products aid in maintaining a cleaner floor for a healthier environment.

Offering any busy commercial space with unbeatable style, architects, designers, contractors and flooring experts worldwide trust the versatility and durability of Karndean vinyl flooring. Capable of transforming any space into a work of art with the look and feel of natural wood flooring, commercial warranties range from six to 15 years. Serving as a smart solution in flooring with impeccable style, call us today for a sample at 866-705-1340, even though we know you’re already convinced these vinyl floors are what you need.

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