Review: Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl

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Undertaking a commercial flooring job can be quite overwhelming at times, but ever since Shaw Floors has introduced its Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl line, commercial flooring installations have become a whole lot easier.

Sporting thick wear layers and polyvinyl chloride’s inherent strength and durability, Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl can be utilized in applications as varied as hospitals, educational facilities, government buildings, and retail stores. Offered in several wood-look planks, Philadelphia will undoubtedly bring unmatched elegance, sophistication, and class to your commercial space. Replete with natural wood grain patterns, mineral streaks, and swirls, this collection does an excellent job of capturing the stunning aesthetics of authentic hardwood floors.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since its introduction in the early 1930s. No longer are customers held back by dated designs and unsightly patterns reminiscent of your grandmother’s kitchen. Thanks to high-definition imaging technology, luxury vinyl tile replicates hardwood, ceramic tile, and natural stone with stunning accuracy and precision.

Erroneous information, however, still abounds on the Internet that pertains to luxury vinyl flooring. Many believe that it looks overtly fake, that it doesn’t hold up to high foot traffic as well as hardwood, and that it devalues home resale prices. What they fail to mention is that luxury vinyl tile can be an extremely versatile, durable, aesthetically pleasing flooring option that is especially useful in commercial applications.

For heavier commercial uses, we recommend the Philadelphia Bosk Pro line. It’s equipped with a 20-mil wear layer and a ceramic bead finish, which makes it able to withstand heavy use, high traffic, and spills. Additionally, compared to many other luxury vinyl tile products, Bosk Pro retains a low carbon footprint, as it is made from 72 percent recycled content. The ceramic bead finish provides extra protection from moisture and is easy to clean, requiring only a damp mop to keep your floors looking like new. Soft underfoot, prolonged periods of standing won’t kill your back as if you were standing on hardwood or ceramic tile. Similar aesthetics can also be found in the Karndean Knight Plank vinyl collection.

boskreg The standard Philadelphia Bosk line is best suited for light commercial traffic, such that is found in small retail establishments, commercial housing, and medical offices. Due to its ceramic bead finish, polishing these tiles is always an option for a sleek, glossy look comparable to gloss-finished hardwood. Its elongated 6”x48” luxury vinyl planks further enhance the realism of this collection, boasting stunning hardwood looks that at first glance can fool all but the well-trained eye. For nearly identical appearances to this luxury vinyl tile line, be sure to check out the Karndean Van Gogh, Centiva Contour, and Mannington Nature’s Paths collections. Choose from looks that accurately depict maple, oak, hickory, and chestnut hardwood.

If you decide to go with Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl, you will impress clients, employees, and customers alike. The hardwood look is warm and inviting, ideal for generating repeat business in addition to excellent customer service and a personable attitude, of course. Complement your business with these flooring options, as the days of bland, boring vinyl tile are over.

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